Alumini has several features to ensure your association communicates and integrate its membership no matter where they are on the globe. Our platform ensures communication between the association and it's members, and interaction among members. The following are the major features of Alumini 

Meeting Management 
Alumini takes the stress off you as you schedule a meeting, letting distant members have a say on meeting sessions. Have more members attend your meetings virtually. Make decisions supported by all members, give every member an opportunity to feel part of the family notwithstanding their location. Meeting schedules and agendas are circulated to all members. You save funds on publicity and advertisement as your information gets to your intended audience. You get to know who will attend and who wouldn't from your profile dashboard. information that helps prepare and plan for the meeting sifts through from every member. 
Members have the opportunity to contribute to discussion sessions, even if they are far away. They can follow the meeting and see what other members are discussing regarding the meeting. 

Membership Services 
From the admin dashboard members get authenticated to be part of the associations mobile community. Anyone who is not a member of the association is filtered, and denied access to the community. 
They can search for, and chat with other authenticated members directly on the app notwithstanding their location.
Members can initiate friendship with other members, by sending a friend request. If approved by the other member, both can have chat conversations within the app.

In situations where members find themselves in a new city or country,needing assistance or companionship, they can search for members within that city and connect. Alumini allows them to search by City name or by GPS.
Members also have the advantage of getting authenticated to all other associations they belong to, without installing a different application. Alumini is a platform that allows several association to coexist within a single app without breaching security or uniqueness.

Event Management 
The Association Admin enter the details of all event and every member gets access to it. The members can also indicate attendance or otherwise. This information allows for planning, as the administrator will know how many members will attend the event The event management has similar functionalities as that of the Meeting Management. It has the added advantage of publicizing associations programs, while saving cost on communication, publicity and advertisement. 

Mobile App 
The mobile app is downloaded by every member free of charge from the app store. It connects the member to the world of the association. It is the communication hub for the association.
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